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ROAR Connected is a Preston-based company, offering a complete range of home automation and integrated technology solutions to homeowners across Melbourne and surrounding areas. We began with an electrical background, developing a keen interest in smart home technology and related services. This led us to establish ROAR Connected in early 2016.

With a futuristic approach and a passion to create the WOW factor in our projects, we have designed and delivered countless fully-automated smart homes, successfully upgrading the lifestyle of our clients by maximising convenience, luxury, and security in their day-to-day lives.

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About Tristan

From the very beginning, I was enthusiastic about the latest technologies and learning how they worked. From smartphones and music streaming devices to newly-developed applications and software, I loved playing with them, learning about their components and exploring them inside and out.

After completing a Graphic Design degree in my mid-twenties, my focus shifted to working in the electrical industry. I joined A-Phase Electrical as an apprentice electrician, where my mentors taught me everything about residential electrical work and gave me ample opportunities to further polish my skills. During this time, I worked on a diverse range of properties, ranging from retirement communities and medium-density housing projects to luxurious boutique builds. The challenging nature of these projects and the associated exposure were the most exciting parts of my job and motivated me to give it my all. I focused on developing my skills in project management, problem-solving, tech, and communication.

This was when I discovered my strength in working on high-end residential builds. Using my passion as a foundation, I started my company, ROAR Connected, with a vision to make integrated technology solutions accessible for residential property owners and witness their WOW moment with them.

Your Go-To Experts for Integrated Smart Living in Melbourne and All Nearby Areas

We are a team of 4 highly motivated home automation technicians who endeavour to optimise lifestyles by integrating tech into new or existing home builds, making it easier, safer, and more enjoyable for people wanting to attain the perks of smart home automation. In addition to designing and installing bespoke home automation systems, we also love educating our clients on the appropriate use of smart home technologies, enabling them to enjoy their investment to the fullest.

From one-on-one consultations to in-person demonstrations in our office, we leave no stone unturned to ensure our clients are fully aware of the solutions they’ll receive. Our automation solutions are not only integral to their current lifestyle but also scalable to their future requirements. 

Why Choose Us?

Being Melbourne’s trusted home automation experts, we service homeowners and work with builders, developers, electricians, and architects on various residential projects. We’ve worked with countless satisfied clients over the past 10 years and have secured a reputation that is second to none. 

Whether you need an integrated security solution with smart lighting, access control, and CCTV monitoring, or complete smart home automation with home theatre and multi-room audio for your Melbourne property, book a consultation with us today.

We are strictly against the ‘one-size-fits-all' approach, and our solutions are tailored to address the diverse needs of our clients.


We have years of hands-on experience and industry knowledge, enabling us to provide top-quality service, regardless of project size.


We source the best materials and products to ensure our customers receive the best value for their money.


We carefully assess the client's needs and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.


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