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Tristan offers great service, excellent technical knowledge at a reasonable price! Tristan and the team are very responsive to our needs when some of the tech goes wrong and he always finds the solution! I would recommend him for his electrical and smart home services.


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For over 10 years, ROAR Connected has been simplifying the lives of Brighton residents with first-rate home automation services, tailored to meet their unique lifestyle and home design needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home’s technology or take the first steps towards home automation in Brighton, we are here to assist you every step of the way. We can design a complete smart home setup by incorporating a range of systems into a single, easy-to-use interface, and transform your home into a fully-automated and connected space for added comfort, convenience, and security.

Our solutions are modern and scalable, allowing us to modify them according to the changing needs of your family. This allows us to bring exceptional results and exceed your expectations regardless of the nature of the job. 

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Your Go-To Industry Experts for Home Automation System Installation in Brighton

Are you looking to reap the benefits of smart home automation in Brighton but don’t know where to start? ROAR Connected has got you covered. We offer end-to-end home automation solutions and cover all aspects of integrated smart living for your home in Brighton.

Our services include:

Home Security Brighton

As a full-service home automation company, we are dedicated to providing homeowners with top-of-the-line security systems to keep their homes safe against intrusions and unauthorised access attempts.

Alarm and Access Control Brighton

Ditch the worry of missing keys and switch to keyless entry.

With our advanced access control and alarm systems in Brighton, you can have a more secure and convenient way to enter and exit your home. These systems use advanced technologies like fingerprint sensors and iris scanners to ensure that only authorised individuals can unlock your door, keeping your house protected against unauthorised entry attempts and unwanted guests.

Intercom and CCTV Installation Brighton

Apart from security alarms and access control systems, we can also design and install smart CCTV cameras and intercom systems for your Brighton home. This allows you to monitor your home and interact with your visitors without having to leave your seat. These systems provide you with remote access features, allowing you to stay connected to your home and ensure its safety from anywhere at any time.

Roar Connected Home Automation

Integrated Security Systems

Our team of experts can seamlessly integrate your CCTV cameras, intercoms, alarms, and access control systems to provide you with constant and faultless security. By connecting these security features through a single, user-friendly interface, you can easily control these systems remotely, regardless of your location.

Home Internet Installation

As the Brighton smart home expert, we also offer our expertise for installing home WiFi and data cabling, so you can not only control your smart home devices but also stay connected with the outside world. From setting up your connection to troubleshooting any issues and making required alterations for improved connectivity, we cater to all aspects of your home internet connection in Brighton. 

Brighton Home Lighting Automation

Your transition to home automation in Brighton isn’t complete without our professionally designed smart lighting system. With smart lighting controls, you can easily adjust the brightness and colour of your lights remotely using your smartphone or tablet, creating lighting scenes according to your mood or activities. Our lighting automation system also includes added security features, such as the ability to set schedules for your lights and even simulate the appearance of occupancy when you’re away from home. Not only does it provide you with an extra layer of security, but this also helps you make significant energy savings. 

Home Theatre Installation

Let us help you enhance your home entertainment experience with a complete home theatre installation. With a home theatre, you can enjoy high-quality audio and video in the comfort of your own home and create a personalised and immersive home-cinema experience. We also offer multi-room audio services, allowing you to listen to your favourite music or audio content in any room of your property. Our Brighton smart home setup installers will work with you to choose the right equipment for your needs and ensure everything is configured correctly for optimal performance. 

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