Full Home Automation

Future-Proofing a New Home Build in Caulfield North with the Cutting-Edge Smart Home Technology

Home automation is gaining massive popularity among homeowners who want to reap the perks and the full potential of integrated technology. By investing in smart home automation, homeowners intend to save energy, stay connected, enhance security, and add to the comfort and luxury of their home.

Client Name

Simon & Sharon Prince

Project Duration

12 Months & Ongoing

Project Type

Home Automation

Project Brief

With the same benefits in mind, Simon and Sharon approached us for home automation installation on their new, under-construction house in Caulfield North. They wanted to future-proof their home with integrated smart home technology so it can fulfil their evolving requirements for the foreseeable future. The following case study highlights the main features of this project.

Our Approach

In order to better understand the client’s requirements and offer the best possible solutions, we attempted to gain a detailed insight into their lifestyle and how they want to utilise the smart home technology in their new property. 

Once we were done with the initial design and planning stage, we moved on to completing the wiring installation. We then laid the initial framework, equipping the new home build with all the essential features they needed to handle their present and future home automation requirements. Moving forward, we made a couple of adjustments to the original installation and programming, customising it to fully suit the current lifestyle of the client.

Although it took us 12 months to complete and deliver the initial project, we have been continuously facilitating the client by upgrading their home automation system and adding new technologies according to their evolving needs.

Home Automation Caulfield North - Roar Connected (2)
Home Automation Caulfield North Background - Roar Connected (2)

The Obstacles That We Overcame

Since it’s an ongoing project, the client has been approaching us from time to time, requesting further upgrades to the system. This is when we came to realise that the original smart home hub wasn’t scalable enough to support the evolving technology, ensure reliable performance, and offer ease of maintenance. In response, we redesigned and replaced some of the components of the central hub to save the client from the hassle of making frequent service calls due to system downtime. The new upgrade enabled us to provide a better user experience to the client, allowing us to earn their complete trust and satisfaction. 

If We Could Start This Project From the Beginning, What Would We Have Done Differently?

While we have been making the required modifications to the original system, if given the opportunity to do something differently, we would have liked to make allowances for scalability and expansion right from the beginning. This would have allowed us to seamlessly integrate new features into the existing system with more ease and less stress.

The Outcomes We Are Most Proud Of

Every project comes with its own share of successes and challenges. In the end, we were able to manage the entire project by overcoming major setbacks, delivering the desired outcomes, and exceeding customers’ expectations through ongoing technical support and regular follow-ups. 

Working for Simon and Sharon has been an outstanding experience in itself and they are among the best clients we’ve ever had. We successfully carried out full home automation on their property, integrating lighting controls, home entertainment, security systems, and heating and cooling into a single, user-friendly interface. They can not only view their home remotely but can also receive deliveries, allow access to their property, and check on their dog, no matter where they are.

This has been one of the most comprehensive projects we’ve delivered so far, and best of all, we managed to develop mutual trust and understanding with the client, to an extent that we often catch up and have a coffee together.

Client Feedback

Here’s what Sharon has to say about their experience with Tristan and his team:
Excellent Service
“Tristan from ROAR Connected has done a fantastic job on setting up our home automation. He asked us for our wish list and then gave us everything we wanted. We can watch any number of devices from all the TVs in the house. Our Sonos & alarm systems are fully interactive with our smartphones. Tristan is always there if we need him and we definitely recommend him for all your home automation needs.”
Sharon Prince