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Trust & reliability is absolutely paramount when hiring anyone to do a job. I had an immediate sense of being able to communicate and work with Tristian from the off. He walked me through what we could and couldn’t do, and was helpful with our decision making. This was incredibly refreshing after some bad experiences with other trades people. Tristian consistenly went out of his way to not only do a fantastic job but to also think about safety for my family. You cannot put a price on this when hiring anyone. Thks Tristian and team. It’s a pleasure working with you.


Ben Bradley
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Your One-Stop-Solution to Alarm and Access Control Systems for Melbourne Homes

With practical experience installing alarm security systems in Melbourne, ROAR Connected will help keep your home safe against invasions or burglaries, enhancing your property’s safety and security. 

We offer a spectrum of alarm and access control solutions for homes across Melbourne, enabling you to control and restrict access to your entire home or specified areas. This control brings greater peace of mind, assuring that your family, property, and belongings are safe at all times. From supply and installation to repairs and maintenance, our professional team provides top-quality services that best suit your budget and unique security requirements.

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Experts in Security System Installation

Experts in Security System Installation

Maintaining safety and security is the prime concern for Melbourne property owners. However, most people call home alarm installation companies when they’ve already been the victim of a crime, and by then, it’s often too late. Want to feel safe in your own home, but not sure where to start when it comes to a home security alarm system? We’ve got you covered.

Our team of expert security and access control installers provide professional home security, access, and fire alarm system installation for Melbourne properties. With over 6 years of industry experience, you can be sure that your home security arrangements can counter all possible safety threats and mishaps. 

Here’s a list of home security and alarm systems that we install:

Access Control Melbourne

Home security access control systems provide superior control with keyless entry and exit to residential premises. From fingerprint sensors to iris scanners, these systems ensure your door lock only opens to family members and authorised visitors. 

With varying domestic property sizes and many off-the-shelf options available on the market, it often gets tough to pick the right one to suit needs. Our team of trained and qualified security system installers closely assess your requirements before suggesting and installing an efficient and effective access control system in your Melbourne home.

Remote Access Security Cameras

Feeling uneasy about leaving children or older parents when you go out for work? Anxious about what will happen if your kids let someone in without your permission, or if your older parents need emergency healthcare and there’s no one to inform you? 

We can install high-quality, state-of-the-art remote access security cameras in your home, providing 24-hour video monitoring and access control features. This enables you to keep an eye on your home, even when you are not physically there.

Smart Security Alarm System

Smart Security Alarm System

Are you dissatisfied with your existing home’s security alarm system? Do you feel that it fails to offer complete security to you and your family? Upgrade to a smart home security alarm that can keep up with your every-day lifestyle. 

Working closely with some of the most reputable home alarm system manufacturers, we can design and install a smart security alarm system for your home, featuring motion detectors, video monitoring, and real-time alerts. These features enable you to access, monitor, and control your home alarm system remotely.

Home Fire Alarm Installation

A home without a working fire alarm is like a ticking time bomb. Apart from security and access control systems, ROAR Connected also provides fire alarm system installation for Melbourne homes, ensuring that your property is safe against potential smoke and fire hazards. We also offer periodic smoke alarm maintenance, checking relevant devices thoroughly for safety and compliance, and replacing them when needed.

We specialise in all kinds of alarm installation in Melbourne, leaving no aspect of your home security unattended.

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