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Tristan has been extremely knowledgeable when helping set up our home with smart technology. He has provided us with options of products to suit our budget and he’s work has been outstanding. I highly recommend Roar Connected for all electrical work.


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Home Technology Integration to Safeguard Your Home Against Potential Intrusions and Security Breaches

The limitless possibilities of integrated technology bring you security, efficiency, and more than anything, peace of mind that your home is safe. 

Based in Preston, ROAR Connected is one of the top home automation installers – providing complete technology integrations for home security systems in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Having served in the integrated home automation industry for over 6 years, we are fully capable of exceeding your expectations with high-quality workmanship and premium-quality products.

Whether you live in a multi-story home, an apartment, a townhouse, or a duplex, we can design a custom integrated smart home system to suit your specific home security requirements and budget. This system will not only allow you to access and monitor your home remotely but also keep you aware of any unauthorised attempts to access your property.

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Integrated Security Systems - Roar Connected

Integrated Technology Solutions for a Robust Home Security Infrastructure

Apart from comfort, convenience, and luxury, integrated control technology also strengthens your home security system. With sound knowledge and years of expertise working with integrated technologies in Australia, we can connect your security cameras, lighting, intercoms, home alarms, and access control system to a singular, user-friendly interface. These systems work together to provide you with a fail-proof security plan for your Melbourne home, giving you peace of mind that your home and family are safe.

Our integrated security services include:

Security Lighting Automation

Professionally installed smart security lighting has a wide range of functions, using motion sensors to detect movement and activate accordingly. We can integrate your smart lighting with home security alarms, notifying you when any movement is detected. In addition, we can enable automatic light timers that activate your home’s lighting system while you’re away, making your home appear occupied even when it’s not.

Alarm and Access Control Systems

Our expert technicians can utilise integrated device technology to install and link your access control systems with your security alarms, preventing unauthorised access to your home. These alarms are triggered when any such attempt is made, enabling you to take necessary safety measures and keep your property secure from outside threats.

Intercom and Camera Systems

Intercom and smart cameras are essential safety elements for any residential property. We can supply and install a range of smart CCTV cameras, connecting them to your home intercom system for greater accessibility. Features like night-vision and motion detectors can help you monitor and interact with your visitors, allowing them to enter or exit your home remotely via your smart devices.

Wi-Fi and Data Cabling

We are Melbourne’s top home Wi-Fi and data cabling installers, offering seamless connectivity for all your smart home devices. As part of our home technology integration services, we can connect your entire home security infrastructure to a single Wi-Fi or data cable network, allowing you to access, monitor, and manage your security devices from anywhere around the world.


Specialists in Integrated Technology Australia

We can customise our integral technology solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. You have the freedom to select the devices you’d like integrated into your home security system or ask our technicians to make suggestions based on their expertise and experience. We can walk you through some of the best integrated electrical technologies available in Australia and help you choose what best serves your needs. Working closely with the leading industry brands, we ensure that all newly installed integrated smart home systems are worth the investment for you and your family.

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