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Upgrade Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation and Enjoy Endless Comfort, Convenience, and Energy Savings

Are you building or renovating your home? 

We are one of Melbourne’s most reputable home automation systems installers, known for providing a wide range of smart home solutions tailored to fit your lifestyle and budget. By automating your home, we give you the option of controlling your lights, thermostat, security system, entertainment devices, and other home devices from your smartphone or tablet. This means that you can come home to a well-lit house after a long day at work, turn on your air conditioning or heating before you get back from vacation, or water your plants on-time even when you are away, all from a single device.

If you’re working hard to provide your family with all the facilities they deserve, why not invest in a home automation installation and future-proof your home?

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Professional Home Automation Services to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

We can bring new life to your property with the latest smart home technology. This lets you enjoy improved energy efficiency, better and smarter means of entertainment, and a far more convenient lifestyle. Being the trusted home automation service providers for Melbourne residents, we offer unparalleled solutions to suit your home alteration needs. 

Our smart home automation system offers the following features:

Home Theatre Automation

With smart home theatre installation, we can help you watch your favourite movies in a cinema-like experience from the comfort of your own home. With your own personal home cinema, ditch the crowds and spend the night at home with your family, friends, or on your own.

Multi-Room Audio Systems

Want to listen to your favourite music while attending to the never ending list of chores? Put the fun back in fundamental housework with a state-of-the-art multi-room audio system. No matter where you are in your home or what you’re doing, live it up with your favourite music and podcasts, all thanks to our expert team of highly-skilled audio installers.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Complete your smart home installation with a smart thermostat. Being able to control air conditioning or heating devices remotely means that you can come home to a perfectly warm or cold space, all controlled from your phone.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Are you feeling guilty for not consistently watering your plants? Our home automation installers in Melbourne can add smart sprinklers to your home system, allowing you to maintain a healthy watering schedule for your plants and garden.

Smart Window Blinds

Our smart home electricians can install smart window blinds in your home that can be controlled through various means, such as your home WiFi network or even by voice command. Catch the early morning sunlight or keep them closed for privacy with the touch of a button.

Home Lighting Automation

Smart lighting is an excellent way to add ambiance, style, and convenience to your home. Our team will work with you in the design and installation process so you can take your home to the next level through dynamic lighting that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic. 

Our home automation systems in Melbourne are scalable – allowing you to make alterations, additions, and adjustments as you please.

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