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Trust & reliability is absolutely paramount when hiring anyone to do a job. I had an immediate sense of being able to communicate and work with Tristian from the off. He walked me through what we could and couldn’t do, and was helpful with our decision making. This was incredibly refreshing after some bad experiences with other trades people. Tristian consistenly went out of his way to not only do a fantastic job but to also think about safety for my family. You cannot put a price on this when hiring anyone. Thks Tristian and team. It’s a pleasure working with you.


Ben Bradley
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Do you need a certified and experienced electrician for home automation in Mornington Peninsula? 

ROAR Connected is an all-in-one solution for transforming your home into a connected smart home. From access control systems and intelligent CCTV cameras to security and fire alarms, we install it all. Our experts are dedicated to providing customised home automation solutions to homeowners in Mornington Peninsula, making sure that their home is completely automated to suit their unique lifestyle and requirements.

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Home Automation Melbourne

Smart Home Mornington Peninsula

As the most reputable smart home installers in Mornington Peninsula, we are recognised for creating unique solutions that suit all your needs and budget constraints. With the help of home automation, you will be able to manage your home lights, temperature, security devices, entertainment equipment, and other appliances with a few simple touches on your smartphone or tablet. 

Our objective is to provide smart home solutions that not only satisfy your present demands but allow for modifications and enhancements in the future. We take pleasure in providing outstanding technical assistance and support for your smart home technology, ensuring that your transition to home automation remains trouble-free for years on end.

Data Cabling and Wi-Fi Installation Mornington Peninsula

We are your go-to experts for internet cabling, offering thorough design, implementation, and assistance to make sure your smart devices are integrated with ease. Our expert team specialises in network wiring installation and home WiFi configuration, allowing you to connect all of your smart home appliances for a highly integrated and smart living experience. 

Lighting Automation Mornington Peninsula

With our expertly created lighting control system, you can take your Mornington Peninsula smart home automation experience to a whole new level. With home lighting automation, you can use your smartphone or tablet to create lighting scenarios based on your mood or activities, and easily change the colour and brightness of your lights according to your needs or time of the day.

In order to improve the security of your home, our lighting automation system also offers special security features, including motion sensors as well as the ability to program your lights to create the illusion of occupancy while you aren’t home. 

Automated Home Theatre and Multi-Room Audio Mornington Peninsula

As Mornington Peninsula’s trusted home cinema installers, we are committed to designing the ideal entertainment system for your home and family. Whether you want a luxury theatre room or a multi-room audio system, we will work with you to determine your entertainment requirements and develop a solution that is specifically designed to meet your needs. Our experts will ensure that everything is properly configured for optimum performance, creating the best user experience for your entire family. 

Smart Security Alarm System

Home Security Systems Mornington Peninsula

At ROAR Connected, we strive to enhance the safety of your Mornington Peninsula home through our innovative technology solutions. Our goal is to simplify the monitoring process by integrating your alarm systems, access controls, intercoms, and CCTV cameras into a single platform. This user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to keep an eye on everything happening on your property. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best security system, designed and customised for your convenience and safety, bringing you the highest level of protection against potential threats and safety breaches. 

Intercom and Smart Camera Installation Mornington Peninsula

Our security experts will assess your security requirements to suggest the best intercom or camera system for your home. This allows you to monitor guests and communicate with them from any location, even when you’re not home. Doing so means you can ensure the safety and security of your home and loved ones at all times. 

Alarm and Access Control Mornington Peninsula

ROAR Connected is dedicated to keeping your home and loved ones safe and secure, whether you’re there or not. Our focus is on creating smart security alarm systems and access control solutions that provide complete protection against unauthorised entry and intrusion attempts. We offer a range of keyless entry options, including iris and fingerprint scanners, to ensure that only those with the necessary authorisation can access your home, giving you greater control and peace of mind.

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About Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is a stunning region located in Victoria, Australia. This diverse and beautiful area is home to a variety of picturesque towns, each with its own unique charm and character. With a breathtaking coastline, rolling hills, and tranquil vineyards, Mornington Peninsula offers something for everyone. From exploring the beautiful beaches and scenic walking trails to indulging in the region’s renowned food and wine, Mornington Peninsula is a must-visit destination for those looking to experience the very best that Victoria has to offer. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, Mornington Peninsula promises an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for years to come.

If you’re looking to transform your home in Mornington Peninsula into a smart, integrated, and safe living space, you’ve found the right place. Our team of experts at ROAR Connected is ready to design a personalised home automation system to meet your specific needs. Our commitment to providing outstanding service and support will help you achieve your desired results within your desired budget. 

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