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Tristan offers great service, excellent technical knowledge at a reasonable price! Tristan and the team are very responsive to our needs when some of the tech goes wrong and he always finds the solution! I would recommend him for his electrical and smart home services.


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Complete Home Wi-Fi Set Up

Your Complete Home Wi-Fi Setup for Seamless Connectivity and Reduced Downtime

The internet is more than a way of keeping you connected with the outside world. Many of your security and smart home devices also depend on a stable internet connection, bringing life to a sharp halt without it. 

Whether you have moved to a new home in Melbourne and are looking for a trusted internet wiring technician or you are not fully satisfied with your current home Wi-Fi setup, we have you covered. ROAR Connected offers prompt and reliable Wi-Fi and network cabling installations for Melbourne homes, keeping you connected and ready to go.

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Complete Home Wi-Fi Set Up

Experts in Home Internet Installation Services

If you want fast internet without frequent dropouts and to be able to share large files in one go, then you need a reliable connection. Our experienced home network technicians provide technical assistance for internet and Wi-Fi installation at home. We also integrate your smart devices with your smart home Wi-Fi, letting you enjoy the perks of home automation to the fullest. 

Wireless Home Automation

If you’re looking to stay connected to your home, even when you’re away, wireless home automation is the perfect solution for you. Our services enable you to control all your Wi-Fi home devices from one central location by connecting them to your home Wi-Fi. This allows you to access, monitor, and control the following devices, no matter where you are: 

We provide a wide range of solutions to choose from, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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Enjoy a Robust Connection Throughout Your Home With Data Cable Installation

We offer professional data cabling services to meet the diverse requirements of homeowners across Melbourne’s Inner East, Bayside, Mornington Peninsula, Inner South East, and Inner North areas. If you live in a large, multi-storey home with locations that are prone to unstable wireless connections, our internet cabling technicians can provide you with stronger connectivity throughout your home by installing and setting up a home data cabling system. 

Structured Cabling

Fed up with messy and tangled wires? Our structured cabling services are ideal for homes that rely on computers, smartphones, and other smart devices. To optimise the functionality of these devices and keep spaces clean and tidy, wiring infrastructure needs to be well-organised to prevent any possible interruptions or downtime.

We can provide you with a whole-house network, integrating all of your devices into an efficient, scalable, and easy-to-use interface. While we usually install structured cabling for new home builds, we can also lay your structured data cabling network during any home renovations or remodelling projects.

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Ongoing Support and Assistance - Roar Connected

Ongoing Support and Assistance

Home internet issues can be both terribly frustrating and incredibly inconvenient. An unstable internet connection may delay work, cause missed deadlines, and make life a whole lot more difficult. Our team of highly-trained experts can quickly trace and troubleshoot any faults in your home network connection, and provide relevant solutions to get your home back up and online in no time.

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