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Top 5 Perks of Home Lighting Automation No Homeowner Wants To Miss

There are countless ways home lighting automation can add value, comfort, and functionality to your home. From the flexibility to adjust the brightness according to your mood to the freedom of setting a smart home lighting control schedule that synchronises with your daily routine, home lighting automation future-proofs your home in ways you had never imagined before. 

If you are yet to invest in a smart lighting system for your Melbourne home, these are some of the benefits you’d certainly not want to miss:

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Greater Energy Savings

The most significant benefit of smart lighting is its energy efficiency. This helps you save on your electricity bills by automatically turning off lights when a particular room is unoccupied, or adjusting brightness levels when there is ample sunlight coming through the windows. Moreover, you can also turn off all extra lights when you are away to lower your energy consumption. 

Mood Lighting

Unlike traditional lighting which has only one brightness level, smart lighting comes with pre-configured scenes, allowing you the flexibility to adjust the lighting according to your mood and the tasks that you are performing. By configuring different scenes into your smart home lighting system, you get the freedom to decide the area you want to illuminate at a particular time with the push of a button. You can integrate a variety of scenarios according to your lifestyle, such as cooking, studying, working, watching TV, having dinner, and more! If you are one of those homeowners who are particular about customising their home just the way you like, this can be an ideal feature for you. 

Remote Lighting Control

Apart from security and energy efficiency, lighting automation makes your life easier by enabling you to control your home lighting remotely. Even if you forget to turn off the lights before leaving for work, you can do this easily from your smartphone or tablet and remain worry-free for the rest of your day. 

Enhanced Home Security

Smart lighting control systems have multiple safety features to add an extra layer of protection to your home. In addition to remote lighting control, these lights often have built-in motion sensors that detect potential intruders and keep them from entering your premises. You can also activate vacation mode when you have to be away for multiple days. This mode turns lights on automatically at your scheduled times, giving the impression that your home is occupied.

Highlighted Home Decor

Regardless of how much you’ve spent on your home’s interior or landscaping, without the right amount of lighting, it will fail to grab the attention of your visitors. A smart home lighting system helps you achieve the desired level of aesthetics by highlighting the key features of your indoor and outdoor areas, adding to the value and visual appeal of your home.

Your Local Smart Lighting and Home Automation Specialists

Smart lighting doesn’t just illuminate your home, it can do wonders and bring you convenience beyond your imagination. If you want the freedom to control your home’s lighting with the touch of a button, get in touch with ROAR Connected. We are the leading home and lighting automation experts in Melbourne, facilitating homeowners to upgrade their lifestyles with a range of smart home solutions tailored to their specific needs and budget. 

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